MAN-TGX v7.0 (v1.6.x) for ATS

MAN-TGX v7.0 (v1.6.x) for ATS
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11 April 2017
Version - 1.6
Credits: - bobo58

Description about MAN-TGX v7.0 (v1.6.x) for ATS:

American Truck Simulator v.1.6.xx
mod: ATS_MAN-TGX_ITSU-QN7.scs (=<43mb)
======= google translation =======
ITSU & Q  - transcript:
I - the basis of mod manver1.scs
T - mode contains traffic truck MAN-TGX
S - the sound is changed
U - add-ons to the mod
Q - quiet sound
N - number (new)

Sources: mods manver1.scs, MAN TGX.scs end  __MAN-TGX-ITSU_LVK-7.scs end ATS_MAN-TGX_ITSU_N6xx.scs
- Corrected the sound - he remained the same not loud, calm, but became more expressive and meaningful, the sound of a truck, not the trolleys with rattles
  All the necessary sound files for the scoring of the truck are on board the mod, and these sounds are protected from changes by others mod.
- Changed the parameters of the motor "d2868_500z" and in combination with the "12_speed_ret" transmission, the loaded truck became more mobile and obedient in driving.
  A loaded truck is able to quickly gain maximum speed, this allows you to reduce the time for long, monotonous, boring trips
- The headlights are changed for more comfortable driving in the dark.
  The dipped beam headlights are wide and good at intersections and steep turns
  The main beam of the headlamps is moderately bright and does not blind the reflection from the white background,
  On a lighted white background, you can see the pictures and inscriptions

The truck can be purchased from dealers: Kenworth and Peterbilt, sold from both
The purchase price is not more than $ 2000,0
(A good vehicle should be available at the beginning !!! games, and not later, when the game is not so interesting)

This mod is obliged to try out every self-respecting American Truck Simulator player - a joke :))

With this mod in ATS-1.6.x use mod:
Realistic_ai_Lights_fix1.scs - changed the light of the reversing light (It is desirable to place this mode above the rest)
- Left-Right_Mirrors_ATS-15x.scs
Real_Graph_Mod_&_Alt_HDR_RGM.scs --- correction of graphics, two mods in one

 Download Link 2:  These modes in the archive: (=<170mb) 


MAN-TGX v7.0 (v1.6.x) for ATS MAN-TGX v7.0 (v1.6.x) for ATS

ETS 2 ATS FS 17 GTA 5 SpinTires TS 2017

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