Local Radio 1.11.0 for Ets2/Ats

Local Radio 1.11.0 for Ets2/Ats
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13 March 2017
Version - 1.27.x,1.6.x
Credits: - Koen

Description about Local Radio 1.11.0 for Ets2/Ats:

Local Radio v1.10.0 for Ets2 and Ats games 
ETS2/ATS Local Radio plays radio from where you are, in ETS2. 
Feel the immersion when the Swedish radio plays in Sweden, and the Polish radio in Poland.
 It will switch automatically, and allow you to switch stations while driving.
You can easily switch radio stations, but because you probably don’t want to constantly
 alt+tab out of your game, you can also control the radio with another
 device (like your phone), controller or keyboard.

How the system works:

Every city acts as a transmission tower with a certain range, and every city is bound to a country.

The program check the distance to every city, and when it is within reach, the stations for that country are displayed.

When a city from a different country is closer than the one currently connected to (with a treshold),

the radio automatically switches to that country.


What does that coverage map show?

It shows all the transmission towers (the cities), with a range circle.

The black inner ring is the clear audio border (~20% static). Each country has its own (random) colour,

to make it easier to see the difference between them.

New Version 1.11.0
- Fix stations being overwritten by custom stations
- Added support for web logos in the overlay
- Make "Switch to favourite" key scroll through favourites if favourite is already selected
- Some new stations added
Local Radio 1.11.0 for Ets2/Ats

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