Kacper's Engine Pack v2.85 for Ats and Ets2

Kacper's Engine Pack v2.85 for Ats and Ets2
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4 January 2018
Version - 1.29.x,1.30.x
Credits: - Kacperth Workshop
Description about Kacper's Engine Pack v2.85 for Ats and Ets2:

Kacper's Engine Pack Modification for Ets2 v1.30 and Ats v1.29 game versions

This is an engine pack which is compatible with more than 60 different trucks including the standard ones from SCS.

The Engine Pack works with Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

Some engines recieved custom sound but most are stock.

Badges are compatible with all trucks that have them.

New Version 2.85 
-Added New engines to the New Generation Scanias
-Added 38 New Loading Screens (ETS2 Based)
-Made Badges Compatible for Mercedes Actros MP3 Rework (Capital)
-Added Paintjobs to both Scania R and Streamline (New Generation)
-Added a R830 Badge for Scania RS
-Engine Torque Curves were added (Only for a few trucks)
-Fixed Crash in the Scania dealer
-Removed Support for Scania Streamline

This modification is compatible with all your favourite trucks,

Every update new trucks are being added and bugs are getting fixed.
If you like an engine mod which is realistic then you should try this out.

Load Order
This mod has its own special load order due to overwriting done to the def files.

This mod has to go on "TOP" of all your favourite "TRUCKS" or else the mod will not function properly.
EXAMPLE : Some things like badges, Sound and even engines could be missing.

Report HERE any bugs since not all of them may be fixed ! 

You can support me by not reuploading this modification!

© Kacperth Workshop 2018, All rights reserved

Kacper's Engine Pack v2.85 for Ats and Ets2

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